Our Team

Russ Armbrust

Russ Armbrust

Heading the Axis Data Innovations team, Russ brings over 20 years of high-level management, sales, business growth, and operations expertise spanning multiple technology sectors. As CEO of Axis Data Innovations, his role involves cultivating and propelling the brand and its market presence, in addition to developing a robust sales pipeline. He excels at understanding client challenges and developing creative, out-of-the-box strategies to address them.
Cary Deshon

Cary DeShon

VP, Professional Services
Cary has over 20 years of staffing, recruitment, and project management experience. Her strength is in identifying and nurturing the right employees in the mortgage, commercial lending, and financial services industries.

Drumil Khambete

CTO & Managing Director
Drumil has over 20 years of experience planning and executing complex software development projects. As CTO, he is tasked with driving innovation through the use of AI and other technologies to drive new product introduction. His strength is in providing the technical leadership necessary to successfully implement our product roadmap and vision.
Sheryll Davis

Sheryll Davis

Sr. Account Manager
Sheryll has over 20 years of experience managing recruitment, loss prevention, safety, and high-value customer accounts. Sheryll is actively involved in account onboarding, support, training, employee outreach, and administrative functions.
Michael Valdes

Michael Valdes

President & Founder, Axis Technical Group
Mr. Valdes founded Axis Technical Group over 20 years ago with a vision of building an organization and team capable of delivering exceptional business value through the use of technologies. Axis Data Innovations, as part of the Axis Technical Group of companies, benefits from over 25 years of sales and leadership experience in creating and directing organizations from small start-ups to large corporations.